Secova Metals Makes Strategic Investment at Windfall Lake – November 29, 2016

Secova Metals Corp. acquired 77 claims or 4,354 contiguous hectares in the Windfall Lake gold district, Quebec. The Eagle River project is located south of Osisko Mining’s Windfall Lake project and is adjacent to Bonterra Resources Inc.’s Gladiator project in the Urban-Berry area of Quebec.  The Management of Secova is intimately familiar with the structure of the Windfall Lake project as they developed the mineralization model.  The mineralization structure continues to the south and has been shown to strengthen as it hits Bonterra’s Gladiator project. Secova’s newly acquired claims lie directly to the south of these recent discoveries.

“Secova has taken advantage of this rare acquisition opportunity to acquire the Eagle River claims that lie directly in the path of the known gold mineralization at the Windfall Lake Camp,” stated Brad Kitchen, C.E.O. and Chairman of Secova Metals Corp.  “This is a strategic investment that will not divert funds from its exploration of the Duvay/Chenier claims but will add additional value for our shareholders as the Windfall Lake area develops.”

Secova Metals Expands its Eagle River Project in the Windfall Lake District of Quebec – February 21, 2017

Secova Metals Corp. is pleased to announce it has increased its land position within the Windfall Lake district by acquiring an additional 18 claims or 1,018 contiguous hectares adjacent to Secova’s Eagle River project which is on-trend to the Windfall Lake, Urban Barry and the Gladiator gold projects.

Secova’s President Morgan Good commented, “We’re extremely pleased to have had such high demand for this financing.  We’ve added countless new investors, many internationally based, to further improve our growing distribution and overall support for the company and its developments. The Windfall Lake/Urban Barry area of Quebec has recently garnered significant attention from the resource investment community. Since February 6th, 2017, three companies which include Osisko Mining (TSX: OSK), Bonterra Resources (TSXV: BTR) and Beaufield Resources (TSXV: BFD) announced and even increased all their brokered financings for more than $70M accumulatively, and all for projects that are adjacent and/or on-trend to Secova’s Eagle River Project. The Windfall Lake district is setup to become the next major gold mining district in Canada and with Secova’s management team having intimate knowledge of the Windfall Lake project, familiarity with the region, relationships with it’s stakeholders and with the experienced service providers, we feel the Company is well positioned to become a recognized player in the region.”

Secova More than Triples the Size of its Eagle River Gold Project, Quebec – March 23, 2017

Secova Metals Corp. is very pleased to announce that is has increased its land position within the Windfall Lake district by acquiring 299 claims or 16,500.55 hectares. The majority of the acquisition, 261 claims or 14,369.25 hectares, are adjacent to Secova’s Eagle River project which is on a south-east trend to the Windfall Lake, Urban Barry and the Gladiator gold projects. This acquisition has increased the Eagle River Project by approximately 370% from its original size (as per the Company’s November 29th, 2017 news release on the acquisition of the Eagle River project than totaling 4,354 hectares) and brings the Company’s total contiguous land package to 19,778.7 hectares (356 claims).

Please refer to the Eagle River map which details the expansion and location of Secova’s Eagle River properties in relation to the current developments in the region. With this acquisition, the Company also acquired three other claim blocks totaling 38 claims (or 2,141.3 hectares) that are strategically located in the western region of the gold camp and are adjacent to Osisko Mining’s Windfall Lake project and Metanor’s Urban-Barry project.

“This acquisition provides Secova’s shareholders with an opportunity to participate in the development of the Windfall Lake gold project and surrounding properties,” stated Brad Kitchen, CEO & Chairman of Secova.  “Management and Consultants are reviewing historic data and are in conversation with airborne and ground geophysics companies to develop an exploration plan that will rely on both new technology and management’s intimate understanding of the development of the area.”